"Your marketing might get clients in the door,
BUT it is your BRAND that keeps them coming back!"



Your Personal Brand is made up of specific attributes unique to YOU! By getting clarity on what these are, you can carve out and align with your true distinction, while attracting the perfect clients!

  • Your prospects purchase from people who share their core values. Have you identified and defined your core values? How are you making them TANGIBLE in your business?

  • You've got Personal Brand Style! Are you really leveraging who you are to build your tribe?

  • Knowing what makes you truly different boosts confidence and clarity in your customer acquisition strategies. Let's define your unique personal brand differentiators!

So if you have not yet IDENTIFIED & DEFINED your BRAND,
then WHAT are you MARKETING?

...don't worry you aren't the only one...


    By getting clear on your Personal Brand, you step into the driver's seat of your life. You lower your vulnerability to be reactive, and become more proactive in driving business success.

  • Your Personal Brand DNA is the 'Secret Sauce' to your success.

    Being more consistent, authentic, and generative with your brand creates more trust, believability, and memorability. Isn't is time you clarify and leverage your personal brand superpowers?

  • So, Stop Marketing, for now, START Branding!

    When you're clear on your Personal Brand attributes, you immediately have a more authentic, compelling narrative to share. Your competitive advantage is expressed through how you deliver what you deliver!

What Personal Brand Presence Graduates are saying!:

Solo-professionals just like you are uncovering the magic distinction to leverage their potential!

“Going through this process of identifying, defining and aligning to my Personal Brand Presence enabled me to start taking more control over the perceptions others had of me and my business. My Personal Brand Clarity, unleashed the ability to represent what I stand for and am able to discern differently towards my own alignment on a daily basis. I am now attracting people, great clients, and more ‘on-brand’ situations. It is a powerfully transformational growth process and I recommend it to every solopreneur and leader!””


Dianna Dalton-Daily

“Getting clear on my Personal Brand highlighted what has been missing when it comes to understanding how I differentiate my coaching business, to focus on my brand, not my website and logo. I now have a greater understanding of what value positioning means and the advantage I have in creating content that competitively distinguishes me from my competitors. The exercises, examples, and insight Suzanne provided are significant to the growth of my fellow entrepreneurs as well as leaders in any organization. The confidence I have gained, in recognizing and owning my brand, has shown up in my personal relationships as well guiding me as I step into my potential as I grow my business!”

Nationally Certified Wellness Coach

Melissa Healy

“I highly recommend the personal brand clarifying process for solo-professionals who know they have expertise and want to carve out their distinction in big ways. As a Travel Adventure Specialist, going through her process was transformational because it created a level of awareness that is undeniable, reaffirmed my own truer beliefs about myself, and provided the narrative for me to begin living it even more. My clients and prospects took notice, and started referring me more because they too better understood my value! This book and process is a must for solo-preneurs!”

Adventure Travel Specialist

Phoenix Sagen


I want to gift you for your efforts in completing this course!

  • Personal Brand Clarity book

    My newest book, Personal Brand Clarity will be launched in Fall 2020! Finish this course and receive a coupon code for the book FREE as my gift to your dedication & commitment to Personal Brand Elevation!

  • 30 Min. Session with Suzanne!

    I want to hear about your PERSONAL BRAND DNA! When you complete this course (100%) you will be eligible for a ZOOM session with Brand Clarity Expert, Suzanne Tulien to review your work and get action steps to continue to grow!

  • Invited to the Personal Brand Facebook Group!

    Finish the course & get an invitation to Join the group of other like-minded, values-driven solo-professional businesses who are 'on-brand' and here to share and support you in your growth!