Is this familiar?...

You're not alone!

As a Solopreneur, you've been wanting to...

Become crystal clear on what you really do, what you stand for, and why it’s different than anyone else!

Uncover what sets you apart from everyone else who does what you do (in the industry), but not in the way YOU do it.

Capitalize on what makes YOU the ‘go-to-expert’, and ways to communicate and leverage your unique competitive advantage.

Attract a faithful following, truly walk your talk, and build your customer advocate tribe!

Leverage your unique attributes in your marketing content that is ‘on-brand’ (tone, feel, value proposition, etc.) for your social media, website, and more – consistently!

Show up more confident & ‘ON FIRE,’ with momentum because you have such a strong personal alignment with who you are, what you do for others, and why they want to work with YOU!

What if you could...


  • Feel confident enough to deliver your expertise in person or online at a moments notice.

  • Instill trust in your potential customers and audience quickly so that they become loyal followers and raving clients.

  • Keenly know what to say 'Yes' or 'No' to, so that you can grow your business more efficiently and 'on-brand.'

  • Leveraging your own personal attributes & authenticity to naturally attract your perfect clients.

  • Get more regular referrals from others with ease.

  • Show up as yourself, fully in alignment with who you are.

  • Get out of your own way, cultivating a success mindset - and becoming unstoppable!

  • Have the clarity to easily write marketing content that fully represents your brand value position!

  • "Your marketing might get prospects in the door,
    BUT it is YOUR BRAND that keeps them coming back."
    -Suzanne Tulien

    Get started now...

    What you get in this course:

    I hold your hand the whole way!!

    • 5 Video Modules

      High quality video training to fully enlist you into the power of your personal brand clarity. It starts INTERNALLY with YOU, not your marketing. Get fully engaged into this step-by-step training as I personally walk you through this proven process for your brand clarity.

    • 14 Deep-Dive Exercises to Uncover Your Personal Brand Presence

      As a certified trainer, I have designed these practical exercises to uncover what makes you, YOU - distinctively! This is all about YOU and is where you super-charge your abilities to manifest your growth and elevation.

    • Downloadable Workbook

      Keep track of your outputs and amazing progress with this beautifully designed workbook, that includes examples of finished exercises, so you can capture the learning in each and every module - then begin to leverage it to take action!

    • Bonus Materials!

      These additional materials will enable you to anchor your learning to your unique way of being and begin to see and feel the results of your authenticity! Establish your distinction and competitive advantage quickly & on-brand!


    Ignite Your Personal Brand Presence

    Self-Directed ONLINE COURSE for Solopreneurs (coaches, consultants, distributors, realtors, brokers, practitioners, speakers, etc.)
     = $597

    In this self-directed, Personal Branding course you will:

    1) Achieve the clarity you need to realize your VALUE POSITION, and articulate it with ease. This is vital for networking, website content writing, and messaging on social media.

    2) Learn to make more 'on-brand' decisions about your growth, market, and messaging which creates clarity and trust with your tribe. No more feeling like you're "all over the place!"

    3) Identify what makes you different from your competitors so that your prospects fully understand why they should choose YOU!

    4) Clarify your brand style attributes (that make up your personality!) so that you can begin to create unique customer experiences that result in referrals.

    5) Gain the confidence to walk your talk and deliver on your promise EVERYDAY while charging what you are worth - no question!

    Have you been overlooking the secret ingredient to your growth?...

    Too many solo-professionals misunderstand the need and power of leveraging themselves as the brand of their business!

    • Your prospects & customers form 11 impressions of you in the first 7 seconds of contact! Have you defined what those impressions should be?

    • As a soloprofessional YOU are the BRAND of your business - and should be leveraging your wisdom, expertise, and personality as your distinction for competitive advantage, now!

    • Branding & Marketing are two separate functions. You Market a Brand - and if you haven't identified and defined your BRAND, what are you marketing?

    You're probably wondering... (Q&A)

    Because you want to make sure it is a great fit for you...

    • "I am a distributor for a national health products company, why should I have to brand myself?" [click arrow for answer]

      Great question! The simple answer is, people buy from YOU because of YOU, not because of the products you sell. Remember, they can buy your products from ANY distributor from the company - they CHOOSE YOU, because there is something relevant and engaging they like about you. ...Your Personal Brand!

      And getting clearer on what that is enables you to be more of it and leverage your distinction from your competitors (even other distributors from your company!). Makes total sense, doesn't it!

      This holds true for Realtors too! So why not get more conscious, strategic, and deliberate with your Personal brand by checking out my new ONLINE do it yourself course featuring my Ignite Your personal brand presence DNA methodology! Go ahead, just click on the link to enroll and watch what changes in your business growth!

    • "How much time will this course take to get through?" [click arrow for answer]

      This course is designed as a self-directed, self-paced program. So you can plan your own schedule to complete the video modules and the workbook activities.

      That being said, I would recommend carving out about 2-3 hours for each module (some modules have more lessons that others). Each module can be broken down time-wise into each lesson for more of a micro-learning experience. I encourage you to take your time, dig into these activities with commitment - don't rush them, but also keep a healthy momentum so you don't have to go back and REVIEW (although you certainly can) the previous material after an extended lapse.

    • "What is the most important outcome I will get from taking this course?" [click arrow for answer]

      A yummy question!!

      1) You will achieve the clarity you need to realize your VALUE POSITION, articulate it with ease. [great for networking, website content writing, and messaging on social media]

      2) You will begin to make more 'on-brand' decisions about your growth, market, and messaging [focusing on STAYING IN YOUR brand LANE, which creates clarity and trust with your tribe - a confused mind doesn't buy!]

      3) This course walks you through how to identify your power differentiators for your prospects to fully understand why they should choose you!

      4) By clarifying your brand style attributes you can begin to create unique customer experiences [which creates tangible competitive advantage]

      5) Clarity in your Personal Brand enables you to become more CONFIDENT in walking your talk and delivering on your promise EVERYDAY! that enough?

    • "I already have my logo, website and business cards, what else do I need to brand?" [click arrow for answer]

      One of the biggest misconceptions in branding a business is that is only a VISUAL function. WRONG! Your logo is NOT your brand - it is merely a graphic representation of your brand. So the question remains - "What does your logo REPRESENT?"

      Solo-professionals, like you, are the brand of their business, and get to identify, define, and align to their own Personal Brand for competitive advantage. If you haven't flushed out what that is, then THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

      This process is the foundational MISSING PIECE to your marketing, servicing, and delivering on your promise and any efforts you make to establish distinction.

      So, before you spend one more dollar marketing, or one more hour networking; take this course to get the refined clarity you need to catapult your confidence and brand competitive advantage!

    YOU ALREADY have a BRAND, but are YOU in CONTROL of it?

    Time to decide....

    EVERY business already has a brand…yours too …so why enroll in a Personal Branding course? Because BELIEVE IT OR NOT, your PRODUCTS & SERVICES are NOT the brand - YOU ARE! And if you haven't identified and defined it, then guess who has?...Your customers, prospects, and communities.

    Is your brand exactly what you want others to perceive of you? Is it time to take control of it?
    ...And align to your own value position and competitive advantage that compels customers to choose YOU over your competition?

    Taking control of how your brand is perceived is the first step in ‘brand management.’ And that starts with clarity around your own unique Personal Brand Presence DNA.

    Knowing that your brand is NOT your logo, but rather WHAT YOUR LOGO REPRESENTS is key to realizing the value of your brand position at a much deeper and meaningful level. And when YOU truly know this, your clients will too.

    This is EXACTLY how consistency, distinction, and authenticity begins to work its magic in your overall growth and evolution.
    successful solopreneur woman

    You're here because you are...

    ...the characteristics of those who will thrive from this coursework...

    • Smart and know your stuff!
    • Loving the impact you have on other people's lives.
    • Independent, driven, and value conscious.
    • Appreciative of processes, efficiencies, and strategy that works!
    • A big believer in personal development as a foundation to your overall success & happiness.
    • Confident in what you know, but are inspired to achieve new levels of expertise!
    • Loving the idea of 'playing your way' to success, having fun doing what you love.
    • You're loyal to what works and provides the best value.
    • Realizing that deep down there is more to your success potential than what you're currently experiencing!

    What course grads are saying...

    ...a powerful, deep-dive process to clarify your brand value position.

    • Caryn August, Image Consultant

      "Suzanne Tulien is a Brand Clarity Expert and Master at her craft! I have worked with her in several capacities. The latest being a Brand refresh. Suzanne's program helped me review my Brand style, and attributes. I used these to update and modernize, my logo, website, packages, and business card. Knowing what makes me truly different helped me confidently stand out from my competition. Had it not been for her expertise, and knowledge, I would never have been able to do this on my own. This program helped me breathe new life into my business. I will be forever grateful to her."

    • Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D., Trainer/Consultant

      "I want you to know just how important building my brand DNA is for my business. It really centers everything that we do about the business around these critical words and success factors. It has improved our workshops and webinar content and materials, our delivery and interaction with our students and clients, and increasing the value of all that we do for our clients. Thank you a thousand times over! I have one (DNA sheet) right by my desk, and I refer to it many times during the day. It is a fantastic guide for everything I do all day long."

    • Larry Solecki, Gym Owner

      “Suzanne is a fantastic brand expert who makes an immediate impact to the bottom line. Her efforts helped me successfully launch a small business venture (fitness gym: into a very competitive market achieving break even revenue goals within three weeks of opening! Simply unheard of in this market segment. This would not have been possible without her direct efforts to help us succeed.”

    So, what if I told you to...
    "Stop Marketing, for now,
    & Start Branding!"

    You might think I am crazy...but stay with me here...

    Here's my question to you...

    "If you haven't yet defined YOUR BRAND, then what are you out there marketing?"

    This self-directed online course is designed to give you the clarity you need to feel more confident in all your marketing and articulate your distinction, consistently.

    Is it time to get-out-of-your-own-way to success?

    When you identify and define the core attributes of your Personal Brand, you build your value position with clarity & purpose. It becomes more conscious and deliberate in your actions and behaviors, and people start noticing!

    With your clarity, you will message better, attract the right clients, become more consistent and build advocacy!

    This course will help you articulate your brand & shape the perceptions others have of you; from customers to partners & prospects.

    Just $597  -  Value = $PRICELESS

    As a distributor for a national company, Katie felt like a 'commodity' in her industry...

    "...standing out decidedly different and keeping it fresh was the key to my personal brand success!"

    Katie struggled with national competitors selling like products and needed to carve out some distinction that would make her memorable to her prospective markets.

    Now that Katie has defined her BRAND STYLE, she is being more generative in showcasing being ADVENTUROUS, ENERGETIC, AND STYLISH. She is now incorporating live video, FB posts, and events that keep her looking ‘fresh and new’. Now, with her clarity, her audiences really get to know the personal brand behind it all because she shows up authentically within her brand DNA!

    So how can you first actualize, and continue to generate being more of YOU, if you don’t know who you are or what your BRAND IS? Your Personal brand CLARITY is the engine that fuels being generative and heightens your confidence to be more of who you really are while attracting & serving your perfect clients.

    Melissa left corporate America to start her own coaching business...

    ...Wanting to show up truly authentic, she sought clarity in her Personal Brand Presence.

    Meet Dr. Melissa Healy, a nationally certified wellness coach positioning herself with expertise in taking her clients through disruptive behavioral changes that transform their way of being through moderate moves creating massive momentum.

    Coaches are showing up everywhere but Melissa knew she had the distinction of her credentials to get an edge, but she was looking for a way to help her better infuse her personality and passion into her work and become what she wanted to be known for.

    Melissa was able to identify and define her unique Personal Brand Presence and is now able to leverage her value position with a distinctive narrative. She is now speaking on stages nationally building her clientele exponentially – confident in being her authentic, disruptive, and expressive self!

    …Because of her work on her Personal Brand she is able to continue to be focused on walking her talk by ‘staying in her power lane’ and leveraging growth through authenticity!

    What More Personal Brand Presence Graduates are Saying...

    Its time to realize what YOU have to bring to your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!

    “Having Personal Brand Clarity is so much more than a solopreneur business 'must-do.' It is a process that guides you to become more of who you know yourself to be – in EVERY facet of your life. Suzanne thoroughly and painlessly guides you through her proven process to uncover the attributes of your unique Personal Brand Presence DNA that becomes yours to step into fully. And when you do, the clarity causes doors to start opening up as you become more & more aligned with who you are and what you stand for. The insights you will gain will stay with you for years to come--I promise! I highly recommend this program to all my entrepreneurial friends - before you spend more money in marketing!”

    Productivity Expert, Speaker

    Julie Miller Davis

    “Tapping into my Personal Brand’s ‘Why’ was the crescendo of this process for me. With this newfound clarity, I have been able to be more confident and intentional with my messaging and branding, align my narrative and tone, and attract the perfect clients who resonate with who I am. This course and its exercises are like the golden keys that help us unlock our potential, when it comes to really stepping into who we are on a deeper level. I have truly enjoyed this transformative process, and find it so effortless to create content from this place of true being and essence. The words flow with ease and I know I will connect with the right people, just by being me. Thank you Suzanne!”

    Owner, Blue Zen Center, Author

    Crystal Blue

    “I loved creating my Personal Brand Style attributes in this process. Just by identifying and defining them, I am now able to make them more tangible and become more of me, unabashedly! As an Independent Distributor for an international company, this process has given me the clarity to take action and feel more confident to further my distinction and expertise on what I can bring to my clients, and others in my circle of influence. My personal brand really does rock! And my “Personal Brand clarity, is helping me to bring it to life!”

    Senegence Distributor, Certified Makeup Artist

    Katie Sevenants

    Building Brand Presence is in My DNA!

    Meet Suzanne Tulien, Brand Clarity Expert, Author, Speaker

    With almost three decades of strategic communication, design, and internal brand development, Suzanne’s inside-out brand-building methodology (Brand DNA) creates the clarity necessary for her clients to be more consciously ‘on-brand’ to drive consistency, distinction, and advocacy long-term.

    Because her Brand DNA approach is radically different, she is paving the way companies and personal brands (solo-preneurs) elevate their value position and actually reduce marketing costs while growing marketshare.

    She co-founded The Global Institute for Inspiration in 2011 and helped create the ‘Most Inspiring Companies Report’ now published by As an international speaker and certified trainer she thrives in front of live audiences and in virtual environments.

    As author of 3 books; Personal Brand Clarity; Identify, Define & Align to What You Want to Be Known For; The 6 Myths of Small Business Branding and co-author of Brand DNA; Uncover Your Organization’s Genetic Code to Competitive Advantage, also published in China, she is helping to pave the transformational highway to grow by conscious, strategic design; not by DEFAULT!

    Suzanne Tulien

    Brand Clarity Trainer/Instructor